Small Business Technical Consulting

Small Businesses and Non-Profits struggle with identifying how to leverage technology to increase sales and productivity. We provide solutions to make our clients tech-enabled to become more effective in their primary offerings.

Data and Analytics

In order for an entity to grow, it must be able to measure. We have acquired powerful analytics and reporting tools that allow us to capture and analyze critical operational and marketing data for our clients.

Web Design/Development

Our 'right-brained' arm, Eyenamic Designs, has enabled Nulitics to provide our clients with a set of integrated services ranging from branding to web design and development.

Restaurants and Lounges

Restaurants desire exposure and efficiencies. A large percentage of restaurants currently under-utilize software technologies for marketing and operations. Nulitics leverages its partnerships to provide the following capabilities to restaurants and lounges:

Web Design
Customer Rewards Software
Search Engine Optimization [Responsive]
Planners & Coordinators

Planners and Coordinators not only desire exposure, but they also desire extra tools that enable effective communication with clients and planning. Nulitics leverages its partnerships to provide the following capabilities to planners and coordinators:

Web Design/Development
Search Engine Optimization
CRM Implementation
Event Coordination Tools
Data and Analytics


We assess our client's goals and objectives by having an initial consultation in the area of web, analytics, marketing, and business tools. We then provide follow-on sessions where we give insights into data being captured, results generated, and tools utilized.


Client Relationship Management tools are extremely important to any organization that needs to keep track of lead/prospect/customer engagements. We assist our clients by implementing and integrating these tools with their current platforms.

Digital Marketing Tools

We have partnered with a marketing company that leverages a number of email/social/B2B marketing tools that enable our clients to reach farther and affect more. The implementation of these tools enable us to assist with scaling our client's business.

  • Base CRM
  • RetailNext
  • Piwik
  • Insightly

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